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Jennifer Garrett: NeXt Manager

By May 2, 2012No Comments

Jennifer Garrett, better known as Jen G. around these parts, is one of our amazing success stories. A Visions alumni, she decided to come back and join the ranks as a Visions’ program aide in 2010. She endured the night shift,  transitioned to the much sought after day shift and eventually became a Recovery Mentor.  Jen is a remarkably strong individual, and her dedication to the clients and her co-workers is palpable. As Amanda says, Jen is the “quiet storm” at Visions—she’s remarkably shy and keeps to herself,  but her dedication and strength speaks for itself.  With the recent opening of  NeXt—our Adolescent Extended Care program, Jen was the ideal candidate to be promoted to NeXt Manager. We are beyond grateful to have Jen here at Visions, and are fortunate to have someone of her caliber on our team.

Check out what the staff had to say!!

“I remember working with Jen when she first came to us as a resident.  Jen was on point, really wanted to do the deal, and very much wanted to have a better life for herself.  I was thrilled when she got time under her belt and came back to work with us at Visions.  Some of Jen’s best qualities include her ability to roll with the punches, her ability to lead others, her insight, and her strength.  Jen is an amazing example of a woman in sobriety and I am so proud to count her as a peer and friend.” – Lianne Domingo

“She’s a quiet force at Visions…always reliable.” Christina Howard

“She is committed, loyal and has an incredible work ethic. She maintains composure during crisis and she’s solution oriented.  She maintains gratitude and fortitude in her endeavors.” – Fiona Ray

“Jen is an alumni of Visions who came back to give back to the clients.  She is a role model for the clients, and a steady example of a woman in recovery.  After working as a program aide, she moved up to help open and run the extended care facility.  Always conscientious, Jen makes sure that the clients know they are cared for.  Thanks, Jen, for a great few years! We are proud to have you as part of the team.” – Amanda and Chris Shumow

Check out Jen’s illustrious answers to our curious questions:

1: What is your guilty television pleasure?

American Idol or Animal Cops: Houston — I have every episode recorded.

2: Favorite late-night LA hangout?

If I am ever hanging out anywhere late anymore I guess it would have to be Cacao coffee house on Santa Monica Blvd and Federal.

 3: Describe yourself in 3 words.

Strong, independent, big-hearted.

 4. Coffee or Tea?


5. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?


6. What song do you sing when you’re alone in the car?

“Free Falling”- Tom Petty or “Watching You” by Brad Paisley.

7. What’s your favorite charity?


8. Favorite season?


9. Would you rather climb a tree or read a book?

 Climb a tree.

10. Why do you choose to work for Visions?

I choose to work for Visions because it is rewarding not only for myself but for many others as well. Although some days can be difficult and met with resistance, the days you get to see the light come on in others’ eyes as it did for myself is so worth it. I have fun at work and love what I do. Not to mention, I love everyone on the team and appreciate all the hard work everyone does to make Visions the best environment to work in.

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