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Is Marijuana Really That Bad For My Kids

By April 19, 2014No Comments

Is Marijuana Really That Bad for My Kids?

Marijuana, often referred to as weed, pot, or cannabis is harmful to humans. You must do all you can to ensure that your kids totally abstain from the drug. Some of its negative effects include:teen-addiction-recovery

  • Health problems – Marijuana makes people cough and easily catch a cold. It is known to cause panic attacks and ultimately heart problems. The drug also causes high blood pressure and loss of memory. It is also hard on the lungs often resulting in lung cancer. People who use the drug also get red eyes, have dry mouths, and become sleepy and abnormally hungry.
  • It is illegal – Anyone who engages in using, buying, or selling the drug illegally risks being arrested and jailed. Use of marijuana in school is also prohibited; if you are found, you risk being expelled. Kids must also understand that using marijuana reduces their chances of getting a job with most employers.
  • It is not always pure – Sometimes marijuana has several other additives that may make it even more harmful. For example, sometimes the drug is wrapped in tobacco leaves. This is referred to as a Blunt. This concurrent use of cannabis and tobacco is believed to increase cannabis dependency symptoms.
  • It is addictive – Addiction is defined as the compulsive use of a substance, even when its negative consequences are known. Unfortunately, addiction increases the need to use increased amounts of a substance to get the same effect. Pot is known to be psychologically addictive, meaning that its withdrawal symptoms include depression, mood swings, and anxiety.
  • It can make them do stupid things – Pot alters the functioning of the brain which can result in doing things one would not ordinarily do. The THC found in marijuana is known to disrupt functioning of nerve cells which affects memory. Users cannot think clearly nor can they make good decisions.
  • Marijuana NEVER solves any problem – Finally, kids must understand that use of marijuana won’t solve their problems. Instead, research shows that kids who smoke pot perform poorly in school and lack critical thinking. If there is a problem, the kids are better off raising the issues with their parents.

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