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Inpatient Drug Rehab For Teenagers

By April 28, 2014No Comments

Inpatient Drug Rehab For Teenagers

Substance abuse and addiction are tough in any age group. However, there are many special considerations when dealing with adolescent drug use and abuse. Adults that suffer from particularly intractable addictions are likely to have been teen substance abusers. Many drugs, like methamphetamine, can cause disruptions to brain chemical balance that can take years resolve. These substances can be particularly damaging to teens because of the powerful brain and body changes they are already experiencing. Inpatient drug rehab for teenagers may be the best treatment option for long-term success.  treatment-for-teenage-mental-disorders

Holistic Care Philosophy

Addiction doesn’t happen in isolation and its treatment needs to reflect that. That is why holistic, whole person care is the cutting edge of addiction care today. Inpatient drug rehab for teenagers is often the most effective solution because it facilitates a focused, collaborative team approach to help a teen overcome substance abuse and addiction. Many teens that are abusing drugs are also struggling with other issues, such as family problems or emotional traumas. There may be diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health disorders, learning disabilities, or other conditions. For drug rehabilitation to be successful over the long-term, these associated issues must also be treated.

Special Needs

Adolescence is a period of powerful developmental changes. A teen’s cognitive development is in progress, adding complexity to the treatment process. Depending on age and rate of development, for example, a teen may lack the capacity for abstract thought a person just a few years older has. With abstract thought comes the ability to really connect current actions with future outcomes. Teens struggle with identity during this period. They’re forming their own value systems and are often full of contradictory thoughts and emotions. Adolescents have special treatment needs that are best addressed with specialized inpatient drug rehab for teenagers.

Don’t Delay

The mistakes of adolescence differ from those of childhood in that their repercussions can be far more serious, changing the entire course of a teen’s life. Accepting that a teen’s drug use has gone far past youthful experimentation to substance abuse or even addiction is difficult, but must be done. It’s critical to getting your teen the care he or she needs. At Visions inpatient drug rehab for teenagers, your family will find skilled, cutting-edge care able to help your teen get back on the right path. Don’t delay. Please click below to schedule your consultation, or call us at 866-889-3665 .

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