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I Gave My Mother Sobriety For Mother’s Day

By May 10, 2009No Comments

Today, instead of dreading time with my family, I enjoy it. Mother’s Day is now a time when I can be proud to be my mother’s child, and not feel full of shame and self-loathing and guilt. It has taken a long time to rebuild my relationship with my mother, but the work has paid off. My mother and I used to butt heads over everything: where I was going, who I was with, what I was wearing…I was awful to her. I treated her with no respect and kept her lying awake at night wondering where I was and if I was alive.
In treatment, I had an opportunity to work on my relationship with my mother. I found that I couldn’t tell her how I was changing; I had to show her. In treatment, counselors worked with my mother and me both individually and together to help us rebuild the relationship that drugs and alcohol destroyed. It took a long time for her to trust me again, and she had little reason to. Even today, if I am slow calling her back, she gets worried. This used to frustrated me, but now I realize how much I used to scare her by disappearing. Every day that I stay clean and sober, I am building that trust back a little more and a little more. I am so glad that I don’t have to put my mother through the things I used to put her through. This Mother’s Day, the best thing I can give my mom is my sobriety.

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