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How To Help Your Teen’s Feelings of Being Overwhelmed

By April 7, 2014No Comments

How To Help Your Teen’s Feelings of Being Overwhelmed

Stress and anxiety are a normal experience for most human beings as we are constantly under one form of pressure or the other. Much like in anything else that is cognitive, the intensity and how one reacts to the feelings of anxiety and stress vary from individual to individual. Contrary to the popular belief that adults have a monopoly over stress, children and teens do get depressed too. family-counseling-for-teen-addiction

On top of the physical changes taking place in a teen’s body, they also have to deal with schoolwork and issues at home. The most common stressors among teenagers are school and academic performance, problems at home such as an abusive environment or divorce, and body image issues.

Signs that a teen is getting overwhelmed by anxiety and stress include insomnia, change in eating habits, increased irritability, anger management issues and lashing out, loss of interest in a lot of things, and lethargy. In extreme cases, it can result in depression, panic attacks, hopelessness, substance abuse, and various disorders such as eating disorders.

It is therefore important for a parent to ensure that they help their child get through the stress and anxiety in their lives. Communication is the most important factor in helping a teen deal with feelings of being overwhelmed. It is important to let your child know you are there for them no matter what, even when they are moody, rebellious, and pushing you away. Being able to communicate well with your child is important in order to know how they are really doing and to help keep them moving in a healthy direction.

Teaching a teen who is feeling overwhelmed healthy coping mechanisms is another way to help them. Hobbies and activities such as arts and sports help in relaxing the mind and body as well as ensuring teens are constructively engaged. Lack of healthy coping mechanisms results in teenagers trying to deal with the emotions they are experiencing negatively. They are thus more likely to engage in things such as substance abuse and self-harm or attempted suicide.

One should also consider seeking professional help for a teen who is feeling overwhelmed. Treatment centers like Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers help teens to identify what is causing their anxiety and how to deal with it in a constructive manner.

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