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How Does Teen Outpatient Counseling Work

By August 7, 2014No Comments

Teen outpatient counseling provides parents and adolescents the support they need to address their issues. Due to their ongoing mental, emotional and hormonal development, it is normal for teens to have some difficulties or behavioral issues.  For some teens, behavioral issues go beyond what is normal for their development and are instead symptoms of a larger issue.  It can be tough to tell when your child has crossed the line between normal teenage behavior and needing professional assistance.  A good rule of thumb is, if you feel you no longer have control of the situation, it is time to seek help.  contact-us

Teen outpatient counseling works to support adolescents in need and their families in several ways:

Teen outpatient counseling is designed specifically for the needs of adolescents, who have vastly different care needs than adults.  Outpatient counseling is designed to address client’s needs who have strong family involvement.

During outpatient counseling, teens are partnered with a therapist and counselor who will follow them throughout treatment.  There care is supplemented by professionals from a number of specialties including:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Medical doctors
  • Registered dietitians
  • Art therapists

Sessions are held at times that are convenient for the scheduling needs of both the adolescents and their parents, with meeting times in the evening and weekends.  The goal is to incorporate outpatient treatment into a schedule that includes school, work, family time and extra-curricular activities.

Outpatient treatment can be used to treat a number of different behavioral issues including:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mental health issues

Family involvement is a key component of an outpatient treatment program.  A teenager’s parents play a large role in their lives and have great influence over them.  In order to allow families to heal, it is important to rebuild the family relationship.  This is possible by giving families the tools they need to recognize symptoms of unhealthy behaviors and to communicate in a healthy manner.

Overall goals for teen outpatient counseling include:

  • Motivation and encouragement to develop healthy living practices and a clean lifestyle
  • Aid the adolescent in developing the strategies and coping tools needed to problem solve issues as they arise
  • Giving adolescents the tools they need to recognize problematic situations and  change them before they trigger a relapse
  • Assessing and meeting the psychological, psychiatric and medical needs of the patient
  • Involving the client’s family in their recovery in order to rebuild and reestablish the family unit
  • Supporting the use of a 12 step approach for adolescents with substance abuse issues

Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers offer two outpatient programs in the Los Angeles area. The program, built on the foundation of supporting families and clinical excellence is among the highest rated treatment programs in southern California. Their treatment program, for males and females between 13 and 18, helps teens build a healthy lifestyle while respecting their dignity and integrity.  Their Los Angeles treatment facilities offer two distinct programs for recovery:

1st Step Program

The 1st Step Program can either be an introduction to teen outpatient counseling or a way to transition after leaving an inpatient treatment program. This program lasts 8 weeks and consists of counseling sessions two to three times a week. The sessions include individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling and drug testing.  private-teen-rehabilitation

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program lasts for one year and covers three treatment phases:

  • Months 1 – 2 – Primary Care Phase
  • Months 3 – 6 – Continuing Care Phase
  • Months 7 – 12 – Aftercare Planning Phase

Each phase of treatment includes family sessions, group sessions, individual sessions, support groups for parents and drug testing.  Additionally, clients with substance abuse issues are introduced to, and become engaged in, 12 step treatment programs.

For additional information on Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers teen outpatient counseling programs speak with a counselor today.  Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 866-889-3665.

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