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How Do I Know if My Son is Addicted to Drugs

By May 22, 2014No Comments

How Do I Know if My Son is Addicted to Drugs

Substance abuse is a very serious problem among teens and children. The adverse effects of the various drugs and substances such as alcohol, marijuana, heroin, and bath salts are even more pronounced in children whose bodies and brains are still maturing. Given that child drug addiction is increasing, it is even more important now for a parent to be on the lookout to ensure that they catch signs of child drug addiction and substance abuse early on.  rehab-for-teen-drug-addiction-ca

While there are various signs that can indicate that a child is using drugs, it is also important to remember that they could be a result of other problems or simply a result of changes the child is undergoing. This is especially true for teenagers, who get more moody and irritable with adolescence.

Mood swings, depression, irritability and sudden change in a child’s behavior or personality could be indications of child drug addiction or substance abuse. Child drug addiction causes sudden mood changes in a child who suffers from exhilarating highs and depressive lows. Although this does not necessarily imply that a child or adolescent is abusing drugs, the changes are usually a result of some other problem.

Child drug addiction also leads to psychological problems such as psychosis, hallucinations, delusion, paranoia, and confusion to name but a few. When a parent notices that their child has any of these symptoms, they should ensure that they are more observant to determine their cause. One should also initiate dialogue with the child, as it provides the basis of one being able to help them overcome child drug addiction.

Change in eating and sleeping patterns could also be symptomatic of child drug abuse. Whereas a child may suffer from insomnia or a noticeable change in sleeping patterns and not be using drugs, substance abuse could be the cause. Eating disorders, habits, and change in the amount of food a teen consumes also characterize child drug addiction.

Violence, irritability, problems at home and school, and withdrawal are other signs that could indicate a child is using drugs. This makes it hard for a teen to lead a constructive life and constantly gets them into trouble. Discovery of drug paraphernalia in a child’s room or in their possession is one of the surest signs of child drug addiction. In such a case, click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 866-889-3665.

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