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high risk behaviors and facebook

By May 5, 2010No Comments


Wondering if your teen is engaging in risky behavior? Research indicates you should check their Facebook or myspace profile. In the study, researchers found that 54% of teen profiles surveyed indicated high risk behavior, with 24% referencing sexual behavior. A strong association was found between behavior mentioned on social networking sites and behavior teens actually engaged in. The bottom line? If your teen’s profile suggests risky behaviors, there is a strong chance they are already engaged in those behaviors.
Signs of teen drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and other risky behaviors can be difficult for parents to honestly identify. Another recent study suggested parents identified their teen’s friends as engaging in risky behaviors, but not their own teen. Keeping the lines of communication open with your teen is important. Although no one wants their child to struggle with depression and substance abuse, solutions exist for those that are.

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