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Getting Help For Your Child’s Mental Illness

By August 25, 2014June 16th, 2024No Comments

Parenting a teen with mental health issues can be heartbreaking.  Adolescents with mental health issues are often aware that they are different than their peers which is frustrating.  When combined with the physical, emotional, and social development that is natural in teens, managing mental health issues can be difficult for both the adolescent and their family.  Getting help for your child’s mental illness is an important step in managing their disease.  Mental health issues are serious and are best addressed by professionals who are equipped to address them properly.

The team at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers understands how difficult getting help for your child’s mental illness can be.  It’s important to know that seeking help does not mean that you’ve failed as a parent or that your child is a lost cause.  The truth is, getting help for your child’s mental illness is the best thing you can do to allow them to become and remain stable.  Understanding the available options for treatment may help make the decision to seek professional help easier.

With multiple locations in southern California, Visions Adolescent is highly rated by clients, their families, and others in the industry.  Their team deals only with adolescents, uniquely qualifying the staff to handle the unique situations teenagers deal with. Realizing that people have different levels of issues and require different treatment methods, Visions offers treatments in five formats which will all be covered below.

Residential Treatment

Visions’ residential program provides a supportive and safe living environment while addressing the clinical issues posed by the mental illness.  Supervision is provided 24 hours a day with a clinical crisis team available at all times.  Tailored for teens between 13 and 18, males and females have separate sleeping quarters for safety.  Each client is paired with a counselor and therapist at the beginning of their stay in treatment who follow the client throughout the process.  Group, individual, and family counseling are important steps in this program.

Outpatient Treatment

Provided in two locations in the Los Angeles area, outpatient treatment provides intensive therapy in a nonresidential setting.  Sessions are offered at night and on the weekend to be able to blend therapy with a person’s every day routine.  Eight week and yearlong programs are available for outpatient treatment.

Extended Residential

Some teens benefit from an alternative living arrangement.  Visions’ extended care program has a minimum stay of 90 days.  For teens aged 15 to 18, the program provides care around the clock, including during night hours.  As with the residential program, clinical support is available around the clock to address client needs.

Day School

Day School provides an alternative learning environment for teens who are unable to be successful in a mainstream setting.  Day School is available as a permanent solution for education or as a way to transition into a mainstream school setting.  Programs are available to all students at all learning levels from remedial to honors level coursework.

Across all of the programs, there are several goals for successful treatment of mental illness:

  • Motivation and encouragement of developing and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Development of problem solving skills and strategies
  • Enabling each client to recognize the negative effects their behavior has had on others and to work to repair those relationships
  • Supporting medical needs
  • Involving each client’s family in the recovery process to heal relationships and build bonds
  • Addressing each client’s psychiatric and psychological needs and action plan

To find out more about getting help for your child’s mental illness and how families can be involved in the process, contact Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers today.  Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 866-889-3665.

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