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Finding a Teen Drug Rehab That Also Offers Accredited Academic Programs

By April 8, 2014No Comments

Finding a Teen Drug Rehab That Also Offers Accredited Academic Programs

Visions programs generally support education, always working closely with local educational facilities to help teens realize their educational objectives. The Visions Day School program however, is one of a kind.

The Day School provides a setting conducive to cognitive and emotional growth in an environment designed to help students stay focused and keep perspective on the challenges at hand. The learning curriculum used is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is open to adolescents ages 13 to 18 years, both males and females.  The school is therefore ideal for teens who are finding it difficult to function in a mainstream set up due to mental health problems, emotional challenges, or behavioral issues.

Education while receiving treatment for mental, behavioral, or emotional problems helps these teens to find purpose in their lives. They know that others kids of their age go to school, so if they are kept away from school themselves, they immediately realize that something is wrong. They start thinking that they are not part of the society or that they don’t fit in. This is not acceptable.

Visions Day School curriculum is open to all and the program is actually transferable. Education services are planned at individual level and can be pursued from remedial to honors level. The student to staff ratio is three to one guaranteeing unlimited, direct access to teachers. Most of the time students are engaged in one-on-one sessions with the staff. Even counseling is offered at a personal level. The program boasts Masters Level Clinicians as well as Certified Counselors and has continual supervision to ensure total safety.

The learning schedule is quite flexible. Learning starts at 9:00am and continues through to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday, with two short breaks and a lunch break each day. Students also have a one-hour physical education session every Wednesday afternoon.

The teachers and tutors at Visions Day School strive to ensure that students achieve their academic goals. They help struggling students design purposeful individual lesson plans and engage their parents and guardians as well as the school regarding the progress of these teens.

In addition to the highly satisfying education, students have weekly counseling sessions.

Please call 866-889-3665 to talk to a Visions professional, or click below to schedule your consultation for accredited academic programs.

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