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Find Top Adolescent Treatment in Malibu, California

By May 12, 2014No Comments

Find Top Adolescent Treatment in Malibu, California

Teens can now find top treatment for mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders at the homely adolescent residential treatment facility in Malibu, California. Some of the benefits of the facility include; road-to-recovery

  • Motivation of teens to attain and sustain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Helping the teens discover situations where drugs and destructive behavior have been applied to cope with problems and making them understand that such practice may not be a long term solution to their problems.
  • Help adolescents develop new, effective solutions to the challenges they face in life.
  • Assisting adolescents in identifying and changing behaviors that may lead to relapse.
  • Engaging the family or significant people around the teen in the rehabilitation process to foster unity within the family.
  • Arrange for referral of the teens if it becomes clear that the services they need are not offered at the facility.

Services offered

There are three categories of services offered at the facility; therapeutic, adjunct, and family treatment.

Therapeutic services include medical assessment, substance abuse assessment, psychosocial assessment as well as psychiatric assessment. A treatment plan is then developed and treatment soon commences. Counseling is performed by professionals under the watchful eye of the program director. Residents are treated as individuals, groups, and with their families.

Adjunct services directly enhance treatment goals of the residents. They include an onsite school, a physical fitness program tailored to the needs of the individuals, nutritional services providing calorie appropriate meals and snacks, and equine therapy and psychological screenings and tests which help in determining interdisciplinary treatment. Adjunct services also include discharge and aftercare-planning for continued support even after the teens leave the facility.

Families normally suffer just like the affected teen. They go through a period of confusion marked by anxiety, fear, anger, hopelessness, and helplessness. By providing a minimum of 5 hours of family therapy every week, Visions helps the family accept relationships and understand their roles.

Following a successful completion of a treatment program, the teens are allowed to join and participate in the Visions alumni program, also known as the Fourth Dimension. They will be able to attend events and are assisted in prevention of relapse. The alumni coordinator also periodically calls members to follow up on their progress.

Call Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers on 866-889-3665 or click below for more information on top adolescent treatment.

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