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Find the Top Mental Health Facility For Teens in Southern California

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Find the Top Mental Health Facility for Teens in Southern California

All of us go through the hard times when our thinking and emotions are adversely affected, but we usually manage to come through this period and carry on with our daily lives. Unfortunately for others, these emotions can sometimes be too much. If the chaotic nature of thinking patterns and unrelenting emotions become unbearable, these people can suffer from mental illness. Mental problems are characterized by alternations in thinking, behaviors or moods (or a combination of two or all the conditions), and inability to function normally over an extended period of time.  Mental-Health-Bulletin_Page_1

Mental health and wellness allows teens to;

  • Cope with the stressful moments of life
  • Be productive at work and in their studies
  • Make meaningful contributions to the society
  • Realize their actual potential

The psychological challenges faced by adolescents mean that they are usually at an increased risk of mental illness.

What causes mental illness?

There is no single cause of mental illness. Ongoing research reveals the condition can be sparked by a complex combination of genetics, physical, social and biological environments. Factors such as teen lifestyle, substance abuse, depression and family environments can also play a part in the onset or relapse of mental illness.

Signs and symptoms

Some of the symptoms of mental illness include;

  • Lack of energy
  • Withdrawing from people
  • A feeling off worthlessness
  • Change in sleep and eating habits
  • Having unexplained pains and aches
  • Severe mood swings
  • Confusion, forgetfulness, anger, worry and fear
  • Self injury
  • Contemplation of suicide
  • Feeling of helplessness of hopelessness
  • Abnormal use of drugs

Is mental illness treatable?

Mental illnesses being chronic diseases are life-long conditions. This however does NOT mean that the symptoms cannot be managed. With proper treatment and support these symptoms can be treated at any mental health facility for teens and the condition can go into remission.

Vision Adolescent Treatment Centers now offer comprehensive mental health programs in southern California. Affected teens as well as their families are taught how to understand and manage the situation. Families also learn how they can remain helpful to the teen even after he or she returns home.

Please click below to schedule your consultation or call 866-889-3665 to speak with a specialist from Vision Adolescent mental health facilities.

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