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Find The Best Adolescent Drug Treatment in Southern California

By May 10, 2014June 16th, 2024No Comments

Find the Best Adolescent Drug Treatment in Southern California

According to a report by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 9.4% of the U.S. population, an equivalent of approximately 23.2 million people aged 12 years or more, needed treatment for illicit drug and alcohol use in 2007. You can only expect that the number has increased over the past few years. Sadly, only 10.4% of this number received such treatment. This means that approximately 8.4% of the country’s population needed treatment for abuse of illicit drugs but never received such treatment.

Adolescents need special attention. This lot is actually very vulnerable given the psychological and biological changes they are undergoing, usually characterized with stresses, emotions, and even depression. Since they are not always willing to accept their use of drugs, parents have to be extra keen on their teens.

Look Out for the Symptoms

Symptoms of drug addiction in adolescents include:

  • Problems at school – missing classes or school, sudden disinterest in school related activities, and a drop in grades.
  • Physical health problems – look out for general lack of energy or motivation.
  • Altered behavior – you know how your teen behaves, so you can tell if he or she is acting differently. While teens are known to be private, exaggerated efforts to stop family members from entering their rooms may be suspicious. They may also bar you from knowing where they are going with friends.
  • Neglected appearance – adolescents are generally well groomed people. If he or she appears no longer interested in their appearance, something must be wrong.
  • Increased expenses – teens start asking for additional money without reasonable explanations of how they intend to spend it. Money may start disappearing from places previously considered safe. Sometimes items also disappear because these teens are selling them to get money for the drugs.

Visions Adolescent Addiction Treatment

Addiction, though sometimes complicated, is very treatable. At Visions Adolescent Teen Treatment Center in southern California, residents are assessed for specific needs including psychological, psychiatric, and medical status. Medical treatment is provided by licensed medical doctors, psychiatric assessment by the psychiatric director, and psychological services by contracted psychologists. Once residential treatment is complete, teens are introduced to a discharge plan developed by the counselor for continued care needs.

Call 886-889-3665 to talk to one of our specialists about adolescent drug treatment.

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