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Find Programs Designed For Troubled Youth and Troubled Teenagers

By April 29, 2014No Comments

Find Programs Designed For Troubled Youth and Troubled Teenagers

Finding professional help for a troubled teen can be a significant challenge. Parents quickly find that they must widen the net of their search to find programs for troubled youth.  “Troubled teens” is a term that describes a multitude of different life issues, some more threatening than others. Most troubled youth suffer from addiction, mental health problems, run away tendencies and poor surrounding influences. For teens to recover from such perils that threaten both their physical and behavioral development, it’s imperative that they change the negative exposure to dangerous influences that have become prevalent in their daily life choices.  teenage-drug-addiction

Finding suitable programs for troubled youth presents challenges for parents and clinicians alike as precious few facilities are equipped to handle teen specific patients. Teen clients present clinicians with challenges not seen in other populations. Teens are very susceptible to peer pressures and influences, so finding a treatment facility that can offer positive peer program participants is crucial. This specific search leads many parents of troubled adolescents to southern California.

Visions Teen is a residential treatment facility located in the secluded environment of Malibu California. This facility is completely dedicated to the specific treatment of teen substance abuse and mental illness. Our rural 24 acre facility removes the teen from their at risk environmental influences and exposes them to other peers who are in the process of recovery.  Our programs for troubled teens last from 45-90 days and place teens in a residential home environment that offers all the medical specialties their physical conditions require.

After a thorough evaluation each teen is assigned a medical doctor and supervising nurse to oversee their physical ailments. In addition, each child works independently with a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a licensed therapist, and a counselor to work with them to address each of their problems and ensure their return to peak physical and mental health.

Visions Teen is a facility whose entire staff is dedicated to addressing the issues that only teens face. At our facility adolescents find the treatment and supportive environment they need to facilitate the changes in their thinking that will help them make better choices and take hold of their future. Call Visions Teen today at 866-889-3665 to schedule a consultation for your troubled teen. The specific help they need is only a phone call away.

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