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Find Help For My Child Who Smokes Marijuana

By March 29, 2014No Comments

Find Help for My Child Who Smokes Marijuana

You just discovered that your son or daughter is smoking marijuana. How do you react? Many parents find themselves in shock. A few have actually gone ahead to throw out the child’s stuff out of emotion, in some serious cases even sending such children away from home. The truth though is that such actions may be of very little help. They reduce the chances of the child listening to what you have to say, reducing your ability to affect change.   california-teen-addiction-recovery

Drug addiction experts advise that you should start with the least intrusive methods as you move upwards, disregarding stages that fail to make an impact.

  • Always start from within the family

At this level, engage the child in real communication. Start by talking about how important their health and general well being is to you. Chances are that the child already has enough information about the drug, maybe even more than you do. Even if this information might be incorrect, you may not be in a position to contradict them with accurate facts because they most likely believe that what they know is the truth. That’s why you may need professional help.

  • Seek the help of a professional

The professional should help you understand the real risks of marijuana. You should also be able to learn how to pass the information to the child without scaring them. And be careful not to blow the risks out of proportion as it may cost you your credibility. You must be ready to reward the child for any improvements noticed.

If there is no improvement, it’s time to take the child to a professional counselor

  • Counseling

There will be individual as well as family counseling sessions and as a parent you’ll have to be supportive of both. Even if you have to pay for the sessions, consider it money well spent.

  • Child  rehab

This should be a last resort. If other methods fail to work, don’t be scared of putting the child into rehab. While there they will undergo intense therapies, a forced period away from the drug and enough time to regain self-awareness.


Marijuana use in kids can be frustrating but if you approach the issue with patience and understanding, you can get through to them.

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