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Find Help For My Bipolar Teen in Southern California

By March 26, 2014No Comments

Teens and people suffering from bipolar disorder experience mood swings and can quickly switch from having a manic episode, when they feel hyperactive and high, to having a depressive one, when they feel low and sometimes even suicidal. It is believed to be predominantly be a result of genetic changes in one’s body, though drug use and other factors are believed to contributing factors.

Bipolar disorder affects about 1% of the population and usually manifests itself by the age of 35. Though it rarely affects children, it does affect children as young as 6 years old. Since a teenager’s body is undergoing a lot of changes, bipolar teen disorder cases are more prevalent among teens than younger children. Adolescents with teen bipolar disorder find it harder to control their impulses, have a hard time performing well in school despite being bright, get in trouble more often and may be depressed and even suicidal.

Those suffering from bipolar teen disorder display manic and/ or depressive symptoms. The depressive symptoms include lethargy, feelings of low self-esteem, loss of interest in things that the adolescent was into, poor concentration and feeling worthless. Manic symptoms displayed by teen bipolar disorder sufferers include overconfidence in one’s abilities and an inflated ego, high-risk taking behavior because of the overconfidence, insomnia, hyperactivity, being highly distractible and loquacity.

Since manic symptoms displayed by those affected by teen bipolar disorder closely resemble those of children or teens suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it is important for a parent to ensure that their child is correctly diagnosed. This is due to the fact that ADHD’s treatment typically consists of stimulants, which adversely affect people suffering from bipolar disorders by triggering manic episodes.  Symptoms could also be a result of conduct problems, making the correct diagnosis critical to ensure the right problem is being addressed.

Adolescents suffering from teen bipolar disorder face many challenges dealing with themselves and others, making it critical to get help. An incorrect diagnosis could actually make the condition worse, which makes important for a parent who thinks that their kid is suffering from teen bipolar disorder to ensure that their child gets proper diagnosis and treatment.

Professionals in rehabilitation and therapy centers such as Visions Teens Adolescent Treatment Centers do thorough evaluations to ensure that those with teen bipolar disorder in Southern California and elsewhere are correctly diagnosed and treated. Call today.

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