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Find Day Schools For Troubled Teenagers in Southern CA

By April 10, 2014No Comments

Find Day Schools for Troubled Teenagers in Southern CA

Visions Day School program provides a setting conducive for the emotional and cognitive development of troubled teenagers.  family-counseling-for-teen-addiction

The objectives of the facility include:

  • To provide teenagers with a positive, clinically supported education program.
  • To enable the adolescent to complete their General Education or to reintegrate into a normal high school environment.

Alternatively, teens can opt to:

  • Successfully complete their academic curriculum at the center and graduate with a Visions Day School Certificate
  •  Get their college preparation education at the facility
  • Complete their honors level work at the institution
  • Take up lessons in courses that were missed due to sickness

Mentally challenged teens are better off learning in special environments and that is what Visions education facility promises. These kids need closer attention and thrive most in one-to-one learning sessions. Since they have been struggling with emotions for quite some time, their learning environment should make it easy for them to stay grounded amid their challenges; they must be able to keep perspective in the face of all their troubles.

Balancing the two is never easy. Most mentally challenged teens usually think they are being secluded from the rest of the community which can negatively impact how they approach school and class work. This feeling, if not checked, can increase their depression symptoms such as hopelessness and loneliness.

At Visions Adolescent Day School, priority is given to making the teens understand their problems and see the need to seek a positive lifestyle. If they can realize that mental challenges are not an abnormality, they will develop great confidence and strength to navigate through their challenges.

Some of the features of the programs for troubled youth include:

  • It is open to males and females between 13 and 18 years of age
  • The program is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • Curriculum is transferable
  • Remedial to honors level programs are offered
  • Education is planned at individual level
  • 3:1 student to teacher ratio which promises plenty of time for one-on-one sessions
  • Counseling is also individualized
  • Students are randomly tested for drugs every week
  • Continual supervision

The education program is tailored to meet the special needs of students enabling them to move on to higher levels of education.

Please call 866-889-3665 or click below for more information on Visions Adolescent Day School and programs for troubled youth.

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