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Drug Dealers Target Teen Crowd

By November 27, 2007No Comments

Drug dealers have begun to put a new spin on Crystal Methamphetamine in hopes to appeal to a younger crowd. They are targeting teenagers with a new form of meth called “Strawberry Quick.” Strawberry Quick is crystal meth mixed with a powdered strawberry drink to give it a more appealing color and a sweet taste which makes the drug easier and less harsh to ingest. By changing the color and taste of meth and giving it a less intimidating name, drug dealers are hoping to continue to attract a younger population. Police have also noticed meth being mixed with a variety of candy, flavored soda and chocolate flavors.
Crystal meth is a powerful drug and can become very addicting whether it’s flavored or colored, or not. This is especially true among younger users.
Dealers have also come up with a new heroine to target younger users. “Cheese” heroin is a combination of black tar heroine and Tylenol pm. This drug is most popular among adolescents in Dallas. It has been linked to a number of overdose deaths among teens. It is said that “Strawberry Quick” and “Cheese” are perfect examples of how drug dealers are attempting to attract a younger client base. By changing the name, the color, or the flavor of crystal meth and heroine, they hope to make drugs seem less harmful.

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