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Drug Addicts Invest In Gold

By February 8, 2008No Comments

Drug addicts are famous for there poor financial decisions. Clouded by the insatiable need to use drugs, addicts tend do things, that to the normal person, would seem insane. Addicts do things like spend their rent money on drugs, thinking they will worry about rent later. They go to casinos and gamble with their entire life savings, in an attempt to make money to by drugs with. Addicts are even known for selling there cars among all their other prized possessions. Drug addicts are good at liquidating all their assets. For alot of addicts, they do not get sober until they have financially demoralized themselves.
Once they have gone to drug rehab or just gotten sober, these addicts learn a new views surrounding money. They learn how to hold get and hold a job. Addicts then learn how to properly budget there money to live. They begin to have money left over and put it into savings and begin to plan for the future. Now with the US economy and the dollar plummeting down the tubes. Foreign governments and the worlds elites are liquidating their billions in US assests and investing in a more stable market, gold. This trend is expecting to drive gold from the record breaking 900 dollars a troy ounce to an unbelievable amount of $2000 dollars a troy ounce, within the next few years. Some of the same addicts whom before, poorly invested everything they own into crack, are now making better investments, such as investing large sums of money in gold.

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