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Drug Addiction on the Sports Page

By November 3, 2007No Comments

Did anybody Notice that yesterday’s Los Angeles Times Sports section had two out five articles on it’s front page with substance abuse and addiction as their subjects.
Andy Ried coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is struggling with two drug addicted sons. Famed tennis player Martina Hingis winner of five Grand Slam singles titles tested positive for cocaine at Wimbledon and is retiring as a result.
Ried’s sons have been arrested for possession of Oxycontin, Heroin, Cocaine and weapons charges. There is an extensive history of addiction for these two young men one of whom has been to drug treatment. Leaving the Eagles would probably do his sons no good as they are now adults, the best thing he could do is take a tough approach and cut his sons off financially and let them experience their own consequences.
Hingis has retired from Tennis in protest and claims to be “100% innocent” and plans to fight the allegations. She is a very accompished player and it is sad that she is retiring under such a dark cloud.

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