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DMX in Celebrity Rehab

By April 25, 2009No Comments

Rapper DMX will be checking into Dr. Drew’s 3rd season of Celebrity Rehab. The troubled rapper has been plagued by numerous drug-related run-ins with the law. Celebrity Rehab chronicles celebrities attempts at achieving long-term sobriety. Dr. Drew has long been an advocate of residential treatment and 12-step based programs, bringing his latest efforts at Pasadena Recovery Center to the public through his shows, Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. Residential treatment is an excellent choice for anyone struggling with addiction. Many parents may worry about sending their teens to treatment, but I am so glad that my parents and I made the difficult choice. The time I spent at Visions, away from my life in Los Angeles allowed me to focus 100% on my recovery, without the distractions and temptations that I faced at home and at my school. It was like I got to put my life on hold and face what was really going on.
At first, I thought that the suggested 45 days in treatment was going to be the longest time ever. I had no idea how I would live without face book for that long, much less not using drugs! I am so glad I went. Having the chaos of my everyday life taken away from me ended up being an incredible relief. I could calm down and focus on me. Through a highly structured program, I was able to learn new coping skills and ways to deal with my feelings. I began to make friends and saw that I wasn’t alone in how I was feeling. The other residents and I formed bonds of support. At the AA and NA meetings they took us to, I began to see that a life of sobriety was entirely possible- and actually enticing! With the support of my counselors and treatment staff, I began to work on my core issues- the things that kept me using. It wasn’t always easy, but the result is who I am today, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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