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Chris Shumow Co-Founder of Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers

By September 9, 2008No Comments

Chris is Co-Founder of Visions Adolescent Treatment Center and has worked in the arena of substance abuse rehabilitation for years. Prior to Visions, he was the director of operations for an adult substance abuse treatment center, where he further enhanced his extensive knowledge and groomed his skills in the field of recovery.

With his honed expertise, Chris envisioned creating a full continuum of care for adolescents and their families, where the effective treatment of substance abuse and behavioral disorders involves a holistic approach that includes attention to the adolescents’ emotional growth, physical well-being, psychological health, and family relations. With years of his own personal recovery experience, Chris has a deep understanding of substance abuse issues and the means necessary to achieve successful healing. He has proven to be an inspiration and role model for the adolescents and their families.

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