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California Programs For Troubled Youth and Struggling Teens

By April 26, 2014No Comments

California Programs For Troubled Youth and Struggling Teens

Teens are increasingly becoming addicted to prescription drugs and narcotics, and for many with children between the of ages 13 and 18 there exists a host of problems that can be too much for any parent to handle. However, the rise in teen addiction each year supersedes the necessary aid and programs for troubled youth.  dual-diagnosis-treatment-ca

Few programs exist to treat the adolescent with substance abuse problems. Treating  adolescents with addiction alongside of adult addicts rarely provides the specialized treatment of teen specific issues.  The influence of life long alcoholics and drug abusers rarely provides the peer environment most youths need to identify with.  The sad fact is that there are only a handful of states that have such programs for troubled youth; California is one of them.

Located in Malibu California, Visions Teen is a residential treatment program for teens struggling with the paralyzing grips of addiction and mental illness. At Visions Teen there is a home environment that addresses the needs of both the troubled youth and the family unit.  Visions Teen utilizes informed programming techniques specific to dialectical behavior therapy in an inclusive and rural environment exclusively for teens.

Visions Teen’s programs offer a residential treatment program that lasts from 45 to 90 days. This time gives experienced doctors and clinicians the time needed to fully asses a teen’s stressors, conditions, and behavioral issues that have led them to their self destructive patterns.  Each teen works with their own psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed therapists, and counselor to identify the underlying causes of their addiction and to implement a treatment program that is tailored to their specific case.

At Visions Teen positive peer interaction is exhibited in which teens can both relate and communicate in terms that are comfortable for them alongside others their own age. Identifying with peers that are dealing with like issues and stressors makes for an environment of collective healing that aids in their establishing healthy peer relationships under medical and professional supervision. This beginning of modeling healthy, age-appropriate relationships and behaviors helps them to repeat these positive actions once they return home.

If you are looking to find programs for troubled youth, or if your teenage son or daughter is suffering from addiction or any other kind of crisis, call Visions Teen at 866-889-3665. Our professional and experienced staff is standing by with help that is designed specifically for the at risk youth in your life.

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