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Bill Hoban, MFT – Director of Clinical Services

By June 21, 2012One Comment

Bill Hoban has served as the Director of Clinical Services for Visions Adolescent Treatment for the last 10 years—essentially since the beginning! He not only brings with him decades of expertise in the fields of addiction and mental health, he carries a sense of calm focus that lends an air of confidence and security to the clients and staff.

Every interaction I’ve ever had with Bill has put a smile on my face. He is authentic, he is kind, and he strikes me as one who truly leads by example. He is also funny in that wonderful dry kind of way that I truly adore.  The staff, as you will see, was not short on words about Bill. He even garnered a Walt Whitman reference from a team member (see Lianne’s quote below!). The accolades and respect for Mr. Hoban run deeply. We are ever so grateful for you, Bill!

“Bill Hoban joined us when we were not sure that we were going to make it through the year.  I believe that under his direction, Visions truly became the best program for adolescents in the country.  He is truly dedicated to helping the toughest of clients and the stubbornness of parents!  His tag line, “More shall be revealed” has been turned into mugs, bracelets and tshirts, but more importantly, a way of life for the families and clients at Visions.  We can’t imagine what the past 10 years would have been like without Bill’s sense of humor, loyalty and experience.” – Amanda and Chris Shumow

“‘Bill shall be revealed.’ Bill has a no-nonsense approach to therapy that makes sense to the kids he works with. They know exactly where they stand and he is somehow able to make parents and clients see their role in the conflict without taking sides. Bill may be intimidating at first to most people, but I have always found him to be approachable and supportive. He has taught me to be a caring professional with healthy boundaries. As a loving husband, father, and a Vietnam veteran, he earns my respect. I am fortunate to have him as a boss because he lets me know exactly where I stand.” – Daniel Dewey

“Initial impression of Bill:  a formidable man who is never afraid to make a tough decision.  However, he is also a man with a big heart, dedicated to helping teenagers become clean and sober while learning to avoid life’s pitfalls. The kids love him because of his ability to be straightforward and honest. I have known Bill for ten years and discovered early that it is very easy to tease him…I never miss an opportunity. Oh, and he never does art!” — Susan the Art Lady

“‘Oh Captain! My Captain!’ Bill Hoban is a force to reckon with. But don’t be afraid. This is a man who will melt over a newborn baby or a little puppy. Once you look past his gruff exterior, you find a man with purpose. Bill can see past a resident’s issues and get to the core of who they are. It has been great working with him these last 6 years. And even now, more is being revealed.” – Lianne Domingo

“Bill is awesome! Let me elaborate for those who need convincing.  A huge part of what I take for granted in my own skill set is derived from conversations and trainings with Bill over the last 10 years we have worked together. His contribution to Visions program development cannot be overstated. His ability to disseminate clinical objectives to a wide audience has always impressed me and our company value placed upon communication is greatly influenced by his experience and leadership.”  — Roger L’Heurault

“Bill is an amazing example of perseverance, kindness and loyalty.” – Mie Kaneda

In case you were wondering, yes, we most certainly sent Bill a list of silly questions to ponder. I love his short, concise answers, proving that he really does shoot from the hip!

1. What’s your favorite movie?

Thunder Road.

2. Regular or decaf?


3. Would rather travel by plane, train, or automobile?


4. Mac or PC?


5. Do you relish in turning the pages of a book or “turning pages” in a tablet?


6. Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, or Carl Rogers?

Carl Jung.

7. Toast or cereal?


8. What music gets you moving?


9. Subtitles or dubs?


10. Why do you choose to work for Visions?

Like kids, like families and need the money.

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