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Article in the LA Times today (“The 30-Day Myth”) Drug Rehab

By November 10, 2008No Comments

There was an excellent article in the LA Times today (“The 30-Day Myth”) which supports the idea that for lasting recovery, more treatment time is essential. The 28 day program is simply not working anymore. Research indicates that relapse rates are proportional to how long an individual has been in treatment. Many people come unwillingly into treatment, so their recovery may not even start within the first month. It may take weeks for a patient to “clear” or “detox,” which can also impede progress. These facts are what made Visions reconsider their residential policies.

Visions opened as a 30-90 day treatment program for adolescents. Over time Visions learned what this article reveals; that extended treatment ensures better outcomes in terms of relapse prevention. Currently, the minimum stay at Visions is 45 days. Addictive behaviors develop over time and so it’s no surprise that there is no quick fix in the treatment of addiction.

For more on this topic see today’s paper or follow the link:


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