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Adolescent Prescription Drug Abuse

By May 11, 2009No Comments

The Partnership for a Drug Free America has found that parents are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of prescription drug abuse in their children. Lack of concern about prescription drug abuse among youth has dropped significantly over the last several years as parents become more and more aware of the increasing number of adolescents abusing prescription medications. One in five adolescents reports misusing prescription medications, and the study reports that parents are more likely to talk to their children about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and street drugs rather than prescriptions.

A recent national telephone survey indicates that parents also underestimate how easy it is for teenagers to acquire prescription medications. 19% percent of teenagers report that prescriptions are the easiest drugs to buy, with alcohol being easiest to buy for 15% of teenagers. The study also found a strong correlation between adolescent prescription drug abuse and the degree of parental awareness in their child’s nightly activities. Of the teen’s out past 10pm, half of them claimed to be with people who were using drugs and smoking. While half of the teenagers surveyed reported being out on a school night, only 14% of parents reported being aware that their teenager was out. If you are concerned that your teenager is abusing prescription medications or other substances, don’t hesitate. Contact us today.

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