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Adolescent Day School in Malibu CA

By September 7, 2014No Comments

If your teen is struggling to be successful in school due an addiction, eating disorder or mental health issue, adolescent day school may be the ideal solution.  Day school provides education in an alternative setting with clinical support.  The right day school program can provide your teen with the specific level of educational and clinical support they need to be successful and return to a mainstream education setting.  Mental-Health-Bulletin_Page_1

Finding The Right Program

All day school programs are not created equal.  It is important to find the right school that is focused on clinical excellence and tailoring their program to meet the needs of each student.  Educators should be experts in their respective fields as well hold certification as counselors.  This enables educators to actively address the students’ needs on multiple levels.

It is also important that the day school program involve parents in the process.  Parental involvement plays a huge role in the success of adolescents.  In addition to providing support, the ideal program will encourage parents to take an active role in their teenager’s treatment.

The Best Adolescent Day School In Malibu

The best day school in Malibu is offered by the adolescent treatment experts at Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers.  Their comprehensive treatment program is successful through treating each client as an individual, and customizing their treatment and education plan to meet their specific needs. Highlights of their day school program include:

  • A staff to student ratio of three to one
  • Onsite clinical staff to address issues as they arise
  • Educational support at all levels from remedial to honors level coursework
  • College prep work including preparation for standardized tests
  • Available tutoring and extended hours
  • Educators that hold counseling certification

Visions Adolescent Day School Schedule

Visions Day School offers classes Monday through Friday from 9 am until 3 pm.  Supplemental programs are available including extended hours and tutoring sessions in order to provide each student with the support they need to be successful.  In addition to education in a classroom setting, students also have breaks, physical education and study hall.


Although each student’s educational and clinical program is individualized to meet their specific needs, there are several objectives that apply to all students.

For students that desire returning to a mainstream setting:

  • Providing a supportive and healthy environment for students to learn and receive educational and clinical support.
  • Completing core general education requirements and gaining the tools necessary in order for students to return to, and be successful in, a mainstream classroom.

For students that intend to finish their high school education in day school:

  • Successful completion of Visions Day School curriculum
  • Preparation for college including entrance exams and standardized tests

Treatment Programs At Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers

The founders and staff of Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers understand that each teen has unique needs.  Because of this, the Visions team offers treatment in a variety of ways.  In addition to day school, Visions offers the following:  family-addiction-treatment

  • Residential Treatment – Offered to adolescents between 13 and 18, Visions inpatient treatment program provides a secure, safe and positive environment.  The center offers supervision around the clock and offers separate sleeping quarters for the males and females.  During treatment, adolescents work with a number of professionals including therapists, counselors, physicians and psychiatrists to identify and address the root cause of their issues.  Family is an important part of the treatment process and family counseling sessions help to rebuild the family unit.
  • Outpatient Treatment – Outpatient treatment is provided in two locations in the Los Angeles area to adolescents between of 13 and 18.  These programs are provided in two stages, an 8 week introductory program and a one year intensive therapy program.  Both programs use individual, group and family sessions in order to provide the support teens needs to overcome their issues and maintain stability.
  • Extended Residential Treatment – Some teens require a longer stay in treatment or benefit from alternative living arrangements.  Visions long term program, NeXt, provides residential stays of 90 days or longer.  Care is provided in separate homes for males and females and includes clinical treatment and education.
  • LAUNCH – Specifically designed for the needs of young adults between 18 and 24, LAUNCH is designed as an outpatient program to supplement other sober living programs.  The goal is continued support and helping clients achieve independence.

For additional information on the adolescent day school provided by Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, please reach out to them today.  Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 866-889-3665.