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Why Is My Child Using The Bathroom After Every Meal

By May 28, 2014No Comments

Why Is My Child Using the Bathroom After Every Meal?

An increasing number of children, teenagers, and adults are suffering from eating disorders. There are a number of eating disorders that are affecting more and more of the population, including bulimia and teen anorexia. While eating disorders affect children as young as 9 years old as well as adults, the majority of those with various eating disorders are teenagers, who may drop the habit over time or retain it into adulthood.  dual-diagnosis-treatment-ca

The most common eating disorders among teenagers is anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is a psychological condition that causes the person to have an unnatural fear of gaining weight and feel repulsed by food or thoughts of eating. A bulimic teen/ person will eat and the purge the food they have just eaten from their systems.

Teen anorexia and bulimia can be a difficult thing to catch in the early stages, and bulimic teens and people can hide it successfully for a long while. Teens who suffer from bulimia or anorexia take great measures to avoid food and stay thin. Some of the things people suffering from anorexia do in order to stay lean include:

Stalling while eating e.g. by starting up conversations and moving the food around.

Exercising even in bad weather

Eating very little amounts of food

Avoiding gatherings or places where food is available

Obsessing over calories and dieting

Always claiming to not be hungry

Following certain rituals when eating or preparing food

Sudden change in emotional state e.g. being more irritable or depressed and mood swings

Teens suffering from anorexia and bulimia will also try purge the food they eat, typically by taking laxatives or forcing themselves to throw up. They normally do this after a binge eating session or when they are caught and forced to eat. So to avoid being found out while purging food, anorexic and bulimic teens do it in private. One of the places most bulimic teens head to after a meal is the bathroom so that they can force themselves to throw up what they have just eaten.

Eating disorders in kids can be frustrating, but you’ll need to get it in control early. Never panic.

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