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Why Healthy Relationships Are Crucial For Teen Addiction Recovery

By April 6, 2014No Comments

Why Healthy Relationships Are Crucial For Teen Addiction Recovery

Teens in this day and age are afflicted by many addictions, some of which did not affect past generations, such as addiction to the Internet. Given that the number of teens with addictions ranging from drug abuse to Internet and pornography addiction is on the rise, it becomes crucial to understand what a parent can do to prevent this from happening to their child.  adolescent-drug-recovery-california

Overcoming addictions requires that the recovering teen severs some of their old relationships as well as making new ones. Unhealthy relationships that could lead to a relapse often need to end. Healthy relationships that are in line with kicking and keeping away from an addition should be cultivated to ensure the continued success of a teen addiction recovery program.

Unhealthy relationships with other kids who share the addiction, co-dependent relationships, and enabling relationships should be ended immediately. One should seek out healthy relationships when undergoing teen addiction recovery. It is best to seek relationships that encourage one in their effort to overcome addiction such as mutual support groups, having mentors and coaches in various aspects of one’s life, making new friends with whom one shares a constructive hobby or interest, and also with family members.

Some of the most important and healthy relationships for someone undergoing teen addiction recovery are with a sponsor and other people trying to kick the addiction. Addiction recovery is made much easier when one has the support and advice of someone who has successfully kicked the habit.

Mutual support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous are also very important after one has undergone teen addiction recovery. It is easier for one to open up to others with whom they share the same experience. Mutual support groups provide an environment that is supportive, honest, and in which those determined to kick an addiction can share freely without being judged. It also provides a great place for one to determine their progress and receive support in a bid to stay clean through encouragement, accountability, information, and comradeship to name but a few.

Although romantic relationships are not unhealthy, they can be when one is fresh out of a teen recovery program. It is therefore best to avoid starting a new relationship until the teen is in better control of their addiction and life.

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