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Why Are So Many Teens Doing Drugs?

By January 2, 2008No Comments

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than eleven million people have tried MDMA (ecstasy), MORE THAN eleven million people have tried methamphetamine, and MORE THAN twenty three million have tried LSD (acid) at least once. Why are so many people trying drugs, is it that there is absolutely nothing to do so why not make life exciting or is it just for “fun”, “experimentation” and the all classic “my (add whatever you want brother, sister, mother, father, friends) _____ does it so why cant I”. We tell ourselves many things to make our actions that we know are wrong ok. .No one can really say why teens are doing drugs an individual is exactly that with free will so unless you are controlled by a disease you cant say why people do drugs or why so many teens are getting hooked. I use to look around and feel so sorry for the kids at my high school who didn’t do drugs because look at me I am experiencing life I am having so much fun and all they are doing is going home and studying. I thought everyone should see and think and feel the way I felt towards drugs and all that fun ended up at sixteen being admitted into an adolescent treatment center for drug and alcohol dependency. The fact is that the numbers keep rising so what can we do to change that? This question is for the community because no one person can say they know the answer.

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