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What Is Respect? (Part 2)

By April 3, 2010No Comments


What exactly is respect? Some sort of character trait that we are expected to learn because it is deemed as something helpful? An attribute expected to make us grateful when we fully achieve something that can be “respected” by others? It’s a combination and so much more. I may sound old-fashioned, but it is something that is meant for those we look up to. It is something meant to achieve respect from others and have pride in ourselves. It is something which helps us to understand the connection we can have with everyone.
Respect is listening to someone’s opinions without having to undermine everything they say the second they say it. It is completely closed-minded and irrational to be planning a counter attack to another person’s opinion without letting them explain their logic. It happens all the time. Then to expect that same person to feel open to your assail of their beliefs and respect your opinions in a way you neglected to respect theirs is simply hypocritical. It would take a saint to be kind enough not to tune you out. We all do it, but the difference is if we recognize it is discourteous and work to change the automatic guard we put up. A large part of my perception of a person is based on their respect of people with differing ideas. I cannot express how utterly disheartening it is when I see or experience someone who is so insolent and close-minded that they refuse to allow any differing ideas to go without condemnation. Since plenty of people are so critical of others beliefs, it has become perfectly acceptable for them to be carelessly unaware of their own discourtesies.

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