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Warning Signs of Teen Drug Use at Home (part 2)

By February 12, 2008No Comments

Other Warning Signs: HOME

There are many signs that your teen may be using and abusing drugs. Many warning signs can be observed in the few hours that teens are actually at home. Commonly, adolescents will make excuses for their behavior. They will refrain from telling you vital information, such as where they are going, where they have been, and who they were with. You may notice a significant lack of interest on the part of your teen in participating in family functions. In fact, when they are home, they may be completely withdrawn from routine events like having an evening meal. They would rather stay in their room to talk with friends, listen to music, watch TV, or surf the Web. In this way, they neither have to confront you if they are under the influence, nor do they have to answer incriminating questions you may have about their recent behavior.

When you do ask your teen simple questions, that any concerned parent would ask, they may seem irritable or evasive. Many will act out both verbally and physically. Sleep patterns may be irregular or they may be in a state of withdrawal, which can greatly influence their mood in a negative manner. You may notice that they make little effort to prioritize their time. They may not make ample time for homework, chores, and their hygiene may begin to suffer. Due to poor performance in school, they may be hiding the fact that their grades are dropping. That’s not all they may be hiding! Many clues may be right under your nose. If you drink, keep track of the liquor cabinet. Many teens steal prescription drugs and money from their own parents, so it’s important to prevent the temptation. Check their rooms for paraphernalia such as pipes, baggies, rolling papers. You may feel like you are violating their privacy, but what you really may be doing is saving their life.

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