Visions Team – Ryan Cox, Chemical Dependency Counselor


Ryan was born and raised in Longview, TX and moved to California when he was 16. Ryan is an alumnus of Visions and has been affiliated with Visions since he first came to Visions July 10, 2003, as a resident. He was 16 years old at that time. Ryan graduated from Visions’ Inpatient program and then graduated Visions’ Outpatient program a year later. Ryan then began working at Visions as a program aide. After 18 months of sobriety he relapsed, but was able to get sober again. As soon as Ryan celebrated another year of sobriety, he started to work at Visions again as a counselor. Ryan is now 21 and has over 3 years or sobriety. He loves working for Visions because he is able to give back what was given to him when he was just a teenager who didn’t know anything except using drugs. Ryan has learned a lot from Visions: Visions Teen taught him how to grow up in sobriety and become a productive person. Ryan is currently working on his counseling degree.

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