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Tips For Finding Treatment For Teens

By December 8, 2009No Comments


Tips for finding treatment for teens:

1.) Does the program specialize in adolescents? Teen addicts face a very different set of circumstances than adults. A program that focuses on teen recovery provides the essential facet of peer identification and support.

2.) Does the program provide treatment for the entire family? Teen drug and alcohol abuse affects the entire family. Proper counseling for the family is necessary to ensure a productive environment upon the teen’s return home. Also, it is important that the family get to process the anger, fear and frustration that comes with dealing with a teen in active addiction. Both teens and families must learn to break old destructive cycles and habits.

3.) Does the facility treat all aspects of the disease? Addiction affects the mind, body, and spirit. Good drug programs should offer group and individual counseling, medical supervision, and a nurturing program to continue beyond treatment, such as an introduction to 12 step fellowships like AA and NA.

4.) Does the program offer aftercare? Experts have concluded that a “soft landing” into the outside world after treatment greatly aids in ongoing sobriety. This can include sober living houses, sober high school, and outpatient treatment.
Visions Adolescent Treatment Center works to address all aspects of teen addiction, working with the teen and their family to create an individualized program geared towards lifelong success.

Please click here for more information about adolescent drug treatment.

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