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Think Marijuana Isn’t dangerous

By January 11, 2008No Comments

Many people think that marijuana is a harmless drug, however an accident last week proved that idea to be wrong.

Last week, an officer pulled a car over for a regular old traffic stop. The officer got off of his motorcycle and was at the side of the car he’d pulled over. Then, a pickup truck driven by a 20 year old male just out of his teens swerved and hit both the officer and the car he’d pulled over. The driver of the car was killed and the officer is now in critical condition.

What caused the pickup truck to swerve? Well, that hasn’t been figured out yet. However, the driver was found to be under the influence of marijuana and a pound of marijuana was found in his truck. So, not only is this guy being charged with a DUI and drug trafficking, but now he is also facing the charge of vehicular manslaughter!

So, next time you think “It’s just weed!” think again. This drug can be just as deadly and dangerous as any other mind-altering substance.

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