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The Meth Project

By April 23, 2009No Comments

Tom Seibel was interviewed on Forbes.com today regarding the Meth Project, a campaign aimed at saturating the adolescent market, focusing solely on meth use prevention. It’s a noble and productive cause to try and prevent teen drug abuse, but what if you’re the teen who’s already tried meth? I had a compulsion to use drugs that reached beyond common sense; in fact, that is one of the factors that I use to define myself as an addict. I learned all about how bad drugs were for me when I was in junior high. I had friends overdose. I overdosed. But something in me kept me using.javascript:void(0)
Through the help of my friends and family, I was able to get help and go to treatment. I learned in treatment that my addiction sometimes defied logic, which is one of the reasons my parents were so frustrated with me and why I felt so crazy when I was using. I’d always been a smart kid, and the choices I made when I was using were anything but smart. My drug problem didn’t make me a bad teen, or a teen with no willpower- it made me a teen that needed help, simple as that. In rehab I learned to give myself a break and learned to care for myself. So for those of us that didn’t heed the warnings, there’s hope. Rather than spend all of our efforts on prevention, an ample effort towards treatment should be made as well.

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