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The Facade of Good Grades

By January 20, 2008No Comments

I started using drugs at the age of fifteen. All my teen life I was an Honor Roll Student. I never received a grade below a “B”. When I started using drugs, that didn’t change. I still managed to bring home all As and Bs. Which, looking back was both good and bad. Good because I didn’t mess up my chances of getting into college, but bad because it was that much easier to fool my parents. From my experience, parents seem to think everything is ok if their teen is still bringing home good grades. But, that’s not always true. Sometimes, I’d stay up all night on drugs and go to school to take an exam and set the curve. But, I wish my parent’s had seen through that facade, because maybe they would have intervened on my drug use earlier and I would have gotten sober at an earlier age. I knew that my parents were for that facade, and I used that as my main tool for manipulation. So, my message here is for parents to be aware that although your kid may be a straight-A student, they may be hiding a lot behind that Honor Roll report card.

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