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Teens Are Never Compliant, But…

By August 12, 2008No Comments

The simplest way I can define Compliance is to do what is suggested or asked of us, by someone wiser than us or a person we look up to; questions are ok. To follow ones request without question is more of a dictatorship.
In working with adolescence that are at risk (abusing substances, dealing drugs, or other negative behaviors)compliancy is crucial. While in treatment teens(and after) need to follow the rules and recommendations given by myself as their Chemical Dependency counselor or their therapist. The goal is that they begin to act accordingly in order to change their behaviors. Also, if they do follow the suggestions they will begin to feel better about themselves and less likely to go back to the harmful lifestyle. Encouraging them to ask questions helps empower them to begin to see the benefits and begin to self-monitor. I feel that compliancy is very valid in this area as well in my personal life.
On a personally level, compliance is important for my success. I have not always felt this way; in fact it was the exact opposite. Today I realize that the rules and structure are done for the safety of society. I may not agree with all of them but when I follow them my life stays somewhat peaceful. When my supervisor gives me direction I need to listen and put his words into action. I may ask the question but ultimately he is the supervisor and I am there to learn from him. Just like I try and teach the young adults I work with I try and live by the same code.

Brian Wildason

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