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Teen Prescription Drug Use on The Rise

By November 22, 2007No Comments

Prescription drug abuse among teens in on the rise. Recently there are more
teenagers seeking teen treatment for addiction and more putting their lives on the line for prescription narcotics. The case on October 20th of the Junction City boy, just fourteen years old, who overdosed on vicoden and morphine at a party is one more case that illustrates how serious this problem has become. Teenagers are now attending parties in which they bring pharmaceuticals, throw them in a bowl, mix them together and each take a handful. These parties are called “pharming” parties. Use of stimulants used to treat ADD and ADHD, such as Ritalin and Aderol are also rising. These amphetamine stimulants are popular among teens because of their availability. In 2006 there were lower numbers of adolescents who abused illegal drugs. There were fairly big numbers of teens who abused prescription narcotics. Teens drug abusers seem to be shying away more from street drugs and beginning to use prescription drugs to produce the same kind of high. These adolescents drug users are under the false impression that prescription drugs are safer. In fact these drugs are just as addictive and dangerous, and mixed with alcohol can be fatal.

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