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Teen Dual Diagnosis Treatment

By January 15, 2010No Comments


NPR reports that teens today suffer from more anxiety than they did during the Great Depression. Researchers cite inflated pressures, such as the need to have the right material objects and have the right appearances as the top contributors to teen anxiety. The pressure to have everything, be everything, and handle everything is certainly a huge stress in teen living.
Developing a strong sense of self can be difficult when ads pull you in every direction, college admission becomes insanely competitive, and body obsession consumes our culture. It’s no surprise that teens turn to drugs, alcohol, and prescription pills to take the edge off. It’s also no surprise that teens develop body dismorphia and eating disorders. By addressing every aspect of a teen’s life, a dual diagnosis treatment center helps an adolescent drug and alcohol user find ways to cope in today’s busy world by addressing the underlying issues, and to develop the tools to keep them on the path to success.

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