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Substance Abuse

Teen Drug Slang

By July 12, 2007February 22nd, 2021No Comments

Every parent is baffled at times by the slang of their teens. Individuating via language is an important rite of passage for each generation; a way for the younger generation to identify themselves as unique. But can this normal behavior mask something more dangerous? It is entirely possible that your teenager is talking about their drug use right in front of you. Knowing current slang may be the difference between keeping your child safe, and allowing them unknowingly to engage in unsafe behavior.

Every generation adopts slang for drugs, and the paraphernalia used within the drug culture. Many terms from previous generations remain them same; successive generations strive to identify themselves with fresh new spin words. The advent of new drugs and hybrids of old drugs has necessitated the invention of original names. Many terms may have alternate or multiple meanings depending on a specific region. To try and keep up with current slang can be difficult for most parents. Fortunately, with the help of the Internet and interviewing a group of “experienced” adolescents, we have come up with a shortlist of some of the more common contemporary drug terminology.

Adderall: addys

Cocaine: blow, coke, girl, nose candy, powder, snow, “snow white”, white, the white pony, yay, yayo

: cherry bombs, dm, dxm, robo, skittles, triple C’s,

Crack: freebase, ice, rock

Crystal Methamphetamine: crank, crystal, “Crystal Light”, glass, ice, meth, shit, speed, spiff, sugar, Tina, twak, tweak, twizzle, white ice, yaba

Ecstasy / MDMA: Adam, beans, disco biscuits, E, raves, thiz, thizzle, X, XTC

Ecstasy and LSD: candy flip

Heroin: cheese, china white, chiva, dope, H, horse, junk, monkey, smack, tar

Ketamine: k, special k

LSD: blotter, doses, L, liquid, Sid, sugar cubes, sunshine, tabs, trips

Marijuana / Cannabis: blaze, bud, cheeba, chronic, ganja, grass, greens, herb, hydro, MJ, Mary Jane, reefer, THC, trees, weed

Use of Marijuana: blaze, have a sess(ion), let’s go bowling, 420

Mushrooms: magic mushrooms, shrooms

Nitrous Oxide: cartridges, hippy crack, laughing gas, NO2

Oxycontin: o.c., orange county, oxy, Percocet, Percodan

PCP: angel dust, evil

Vicodin: narcos, vics

Xanax: bars, footballs, white sticks, xanys, z-bars, zanies

This list is not comprehensive, and drug terms change frequently, so remember to do your own research. Google any terms you hear your children throwing around if you suspect they may be talking about drug use. Knowing what your teenagers know may be the best way to protect them!

For further information visit:
www.erowid.com *
www.urbandictionary.com *

* The last two sites were provided by teens and represent sites where they get their information about drugs. These sites are designed for young people, teens and/or drug users, and may contain offensive material and candid discussion of drug use.