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Teen Drug Abuse Symptoms

By January 8, 2008No Comments

A frightening number of teens today are using and abusing drugs. Parents need to be educated on the signs and symptoms of teen drug use in order to keep their teens safe. The two categories or teen drug abuse symptoms are physiological and behavioral.
-Red Eyes
-Glassy Eyes
-Dilated Pupils
-Pinned Pupils
-Runny Nose
-Needle Marks
-Withdrawal Symptoms
-Increase or Loss in Appetite
-Weight Loss or Gain
-Poor Coordination
-Shakes or Tremors
-Extreme Change in Attitude
-Change of Friends
-Social Isolation
-Change or Loss of Interest in hobbies
-Slipping Grades
-Low Self Esteem
-Secretive Behavior
-Unexplained need for money or stealing
One of these symptoms alone may not be a sign of teen drug use, but if a teen has several of these symptoms there is a strong change that the teen is using drugs. If parents are aware of the signs and symptoms of teen drug abuse it will make early detection easier and help prevent teens from slipping into teen drug addiction.

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