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Teen Depression and Suicide

By January 6, 2010No Comments


The BBC in London reports that teens who have a bedtime later than midnight are 24% more likely to experience teen depression than those who have an earlier bedtime. Adolescents who reported they usually sleep five or fewer hours per night were 71% more likely to report depression, and 48% more likely to have thoughts of committing suicide, compared to young people reporting close to eight hours of sleep nightly, the study shows. Being well rested is an important aspect of a teen’s health and well-being as is adequate exercise. Lack of sleep is thought to contribute to emotional responses that can disturb judgment, concentration, and impulse control. Today’s teens face demanding schedules full of homework and extra-curricular activities, and getting enough sleep can seem impossible at times. The study suggests that parents can be an effective element in helping teens develop good time management skills and learn how to take care of themselves.

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