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By March 5, 2008No Comments

Lisa Hamilton


Strength can come from many places and many faces. What gives a person strength varies from one individual to another. Strength can come from within, or it can come from external sources. For example, when I feel like I’ve lost control and nothing that anyone says or does can restore my sanity. I pick up a tennis racquet and hit a few balls. For me, tennis is my mental utopia. Once I pick up a tennis racquet, I immediately escape to a happy place, and the process of whacking the crap out of the balls not only helps me to release any pent up anger and aggression, but it also keeps me from losing control and doing something that I undoubtedly would regret later.
For most of us, finding out what gives us strength can be difficult to uncover. A helpful tip in discovering what brings you strength is to allow yourself to delve into the unknown. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t get upset with yourself if these new things don’t bring the joy and excitement that you envisioned. When you do in fact discover what gives you strength, there will be no question about it. It’ll just be something that you always find yourself doing when you need clarity in life, or a boost from within.

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