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Spice aka K2 Use on the Rise

Herbal supplements abound and it comes as no surprise that someone came up with a substance that mildly emulates the effects of cannabis. This substance isn’t very new at all (introduced 1996), but it recently has gained some popularity. It goes by the name of “Spice” aka “K2” and is available online and at smoke shops as an herbal blend. It is not supposed to be sold to minors (anyone under 18). The active ingredient is a synthetic type of cannabis. Many people use Spice because it doesn’t show up on a conventional drug test. Many countries have banned the substance and for good reason.

Spice is not approved by the FDA. There is very little known about the potential dangers. One study indicated that a three gram packet of Spice may have the same health risks as a pack of cigarettes. Below are some of the negative side-effects reported by users of Spice:

-dizziness, hallucinations
-seizures, agitation
-vomiting, swelling of the brain

Many adolescent entering adolescent drug treatment are reporting having used spice.

My kid is using spice what do I do?

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