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Singing For the Kids

By August 21, 2008No Comments

Singing for the Kids

This past weekend I was out in Riverside, California performing at an amusement park called Castle Park. The purpose for my trip wasn’t to ride rides however. I ended up doing that anyways, but my purpose was to perform. Not some operation or brain surgery, but a musical performance. I am a singer/songwriter or musician if you will. I have been performing since I was 9…mostly through school, but more so on my own these days. In addition to being a starving college student trying to make a name for myself out in LA, I work at Visions. I will justify how it all relates in a second. I love working here at Visions. It’s in my blood. Both of my parents have worked in the psychiatric and drug fields as nurses since I pretty much was born. I have been around rehabs my entire life. I love kids. Having two younger brothers and nieces and a nephew, you tend to love hanging out with kids, and I’m only 21 and by LA standards all I am is a kid myself. Visions was right up my alley. It is important to me as well as my passion to help put a positive influence into a child who has ended up on the wrong side of the road. I tend to not look at this place I work as a place that pays the bills or gets me through school or affords my gas, but more along the lines as a place where you help kids find their dreams again. In addition to that, Visions has helped me become more vocal in the southern California community as a singer in the ways that the promoters and venues and fellow music artists that I sing with and work with are doing shows where we send a positive message to kids, raising the awareness and safety about underage drinking and drug abuse. My music targets a 13-25 year age range. So again, it’s all right up the alley. With that in mind, riding the rides with the kids and fans that came to the show this past Sunday was amazing. Seeing happy smiles and enjoyment for just being a kid and not having to stress about peer pressure or if they will survive through tomorrow was so rewarding to witness. Kids are important. They are the future and they will be in control of the world one day. It’s important to make sure we nurture and see that through the best we can. The difference between adults and kids is quite simple. Kids are always more impressionable than adults. You inspire a child then you plant a seed for a better growing future.

Andrew Caravella

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