Relapse Prevention For Adolescents

A drug user, especially one that has been trying to get clean and sober and is currently relapsing is quick to manipulate friends or loved ones into being “okay” with their drug use. They try to convince them “this time it will be different”. In many cases these “friends” may have some experience using drugs and/or alcohol themselves and compare their own use to that of their friend or loved one. Sometimes these “friends” are completely ignorant to drug addiction and its depths, darkness and destruction. To many, addiction is another persons, family’s reality or simply a reality show they might stumble across on A & E like Intervention or Celebrity Rehab. They think to themselves how horrible and sad, yet some one in their immediate life is struggling in exactly the same way. A drug user is resourceful, manipulative, deceiving and will do whatever it takes to get high. It is not that they are on a mission to hurt anyone even though they do so in the process. They are most likely just trying to self medicate some underlying cause like depression, anxiety, low self esteem, etc. Such is the vicious cycle. For someone to find recovery they must learn how to cope with life on life’s terms, with all its joys as well as disappointments.

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