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Progression Towards Teen Addiction

By August 5, 2008No Comments


Addiction can be described a progressive disease. Most times we don’t recognize when our use turns into abuse which turns into full fledge addiction.

We usually start out in the “Experimental stage” which includes short-term use, not repetitive, motivated by wanting a new experience. An example of this is a teenager trying something with a friend. This would include anything less than ten uses. “Ritual” use includes using at special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. “Social” use pertains to voluntary use in-group settings, such as at a party. This includes using more than ten times. “Situational” use is patterned, stress relieving use, motivated by achieving a particular feeling, such as using every Saturday night. “Intensified” use is when we use because it is necessary to cope, changes in relationships occur, there are some negative consequences and using every day.

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