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Michael Jackson Dies From Cardiac Arrest

By June 25, 2009No Comments


Michael Jackson passed away this afternoon in LA after suffering a cardiac arrest. You have to wonder what led to this tragic end for the King of Pop. I know that his weight has dropped dramatically over the last few years and because of his enormous sense of privacy, one can only speculate what could have happened. Poor Michael Jackson. I know that many things can lead to cardiac arrest. It is one of the biggest risk factors of the two things that plagued my own young life: drug abuse and eating disorders.

Perhaps it’s unfair or too cynical to conclude that Jackson’s end may have been the final result of a lifestyle of damaging weight loss and/or drug abuse, but celebrity deaths can sometimes help to bring attention to the huge risks that lie in dangerous lifestyles. His repeated cosmetic surgeries make me wonder how unhappy he might have been with himself. I hope that Jackson’s death wasn’t the end result of an eating disorder or drug abuse. That would mean he had been miserable for years, and I pity anyone- celebrity or not- who has to endure that kind of pain. I hope that his kids will be okay, and that his family can have some peace. Rest in peace Michael.

Stop to look at the man in the mirror, make sure you like who you see.

If not, do something about it.

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