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Marijuana Potency Increases Risks for Our Teens

By May 17, 2009No Comments

A new study revealed that marijuana in the U.S. now has a THC potency of 10%, compared to 4% in 1983. This figure alarms many experts who fear that adolescents who are currently abusing the drug are at a higher risk for serious side effects such as dysphoria, paranoia, and irritability. As the debate over the legalization of marijuana continues, consideration of teenage drug users should not be ignored.Many teens don’t take marijuana abuse seriously, but its abuse can bring just as much destruction and havoc to a teen’s life as any other drug. If a teen is abusing any substance, from cough syrup to heroin, it is a red flag of a serious condition that does need to be addressed. Few teens who abuse drugs can find support from within their immediate peer group with regards to recovery, which is why adolescent treatment is such a helpful solution.

When I was using, I didn’t have any friends in Orange County that I thought would support me getting off of drugs. Since my peers used drugs, it seemed like normal teenage behavior. Maybe it was, for some of them, but for me, it was total hell. In residential treatment, I learned that it wasn’t about the substances I used or how much I used that made me an addict. It was the obsession and compulsion to use, regardless of the consequences. It was the pain of not being able to stop even when I wanted to. It was my deep self loathing. I learned it’s not up to me to figure out if my friends were addicts or not; I could only take responsibility for my own recovery. That meant that when I left residential treatment, I had to find new friends that supported my recovery. Sometimes it was really lonely, but as long as I kept my recovery a priority, as I learned to do it rehab, I could continue to plow through challenging times and come out a stronger person.I have so many friends today that have helped me walk through all situations in my life, and that love and support me for being me.

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